Should I get my primary school aged child vaccinated?

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Transcript of Should I get my primary school aged child vaccinated?

So we've just seen the COVID vaccine approved for children between the ages of 5 to 11 years, and we know from the clinical trial data that these vaccines are safe and that the common and expected side effects don't occur more commonly in younger children compared to older adolescents and young people.

We've also seen the COVID vaccine rolled out to millions of children in the US, and those rare but more serious side effects did not occur more commonly in this younger age group.

So it's really important that you now talk with your family and consider getting your primary school aged child vaccinated, to make sure that they are protected against COVID illness, from mild infection but also severe disease and potentially the more chronic symptoms or Long COVID.

But it's also important that they are protected so that they don't transmit the infection to other people, and also that they are able to go to school freely and have less outbreaks of COVID in the school setting.

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