Why should we vaccinate children?

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Transcript of Why should we vaccinate children?

That's a really great question. There are probably three main reasons why we should vaccinate kids.

The first is we want to protect them from Covid illness or Covid disease.
Now, whilst we know that the vast majority of children either don't experience symptoms or experience mild disease, some children can still develop severe disease and need admission to hospital.

Some children can also experience lingering or chronic symptoms something called long Covid, where one or two months after the infection that can have symptoms such as fatigue, headache, muscle aches and pains. And we want to prevent those kids from experiencing those symptoms.

The second is really around preventing transmission transmission to other children, but also, very importantly, transmission to other household members, particularly their parents and also their grandparents in some instances.

And then lastly, in areas where children have experienced lockdown for prolonged periods or or home learning from school closures, these vaccines will help them to get back to their way of life so that they're not missing sporting events and they're able to go to school and experience all of the benefits of being at school with other kids.

So we really want to see kids getting back to the way of life that they know and love and protect them in the best way that we can.

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