Why should I get vaccinated?

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Transcript of Why should I get vaccinated?

So that is the important question, of course, at the moment on everybody's lips.

It's so important for us to get vaccinated, to protect ourselves from getting COVID disease or COVID illness.

And we know that we're more likely to get sicker the older we get.

In fact, the risk of getting very sick or going to hospital or being admitted to ICU or even even dying, increases So it's really important that we protect ourselves from severe disease, but also that we protect our families and our loved ones and everyone else in the community.

The problem at the moment is that people really don't feel like they are going to get COVID disease in the community in Australia because cases are so low.

So it doesn't feel like a direct threat to everyone at the moment.

But unfortunately, COVID disease can increase quickly in the community at any time through breaches in hotel quarantine or any number of reasons.

And of course, there are also lots of broader benefits of vaccination as well, particularly freedom from lockdowns and school closures and being able to travel again.

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