What are the benefits of the vaccines for children?

Duration: 1:13

Transcript of What are the benefits of the vaccines for children?

So the COVID-19 vaccines are really important for children.

Firstly, they provide protection against COVID illness, both asymptomatic infection and mild disease, but also protection against potential severe disease in kids and also the chance of them experiencing chronic or lingering symptoms called Long COVID.

But importantly, the vaccines will also reduce the risk of children transmitting COVID, not only to other kids, but to their household members and potentially vulnerable grandparents or older adults.

And lastly, and very importantly, the vaccines will help to reduce the risk of cases, COVID cases in the school setting so that kids can be able to go to school freely and to reduce the chance of them having to go back to home learning so that they can be at school with their friends and get all the fantastic benefits of learning and socialising and be, you know, enjoying their lives as they should be.

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